Welcome All!

A beautiful journey begins….

I wonder why it took this long really! But no regrets, this is the perfect time.

I’m sure I have like minds out there who love Internet surfing, and would give their right leg (well, sort of) to find a one-stop site with relevant, entertaining, screen-grabbing information.

I used to be so pissed that only a few existed. Then I thought to myself, why not become a part of the solution?

So here we are, a solution! I’d so love to say ‘the’ solution, but…we’re getting there. No worries.

So I proudly present, OLD (I oh so love how the acronym is an irony of the actual meaning)

…for the little darlingss in our lives and the loving parents who’d die for them.

PS: check the About page for more info.

Join me on this journey, pretty please? Lol.

We have so much to learn together.

Until next time…

#OLD #ourlildarlings #babies #Moms #thejourney #cute #LOL


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