Scary world of a first time Mom


That was the first sound I heard, before the earsplitting screams followed not a minute after.

I rushed out of my office to the room reserved for nursing mothers and their babies.

The sight that greeted me was Mrs Bibi, curled up on the floor with her screaming baby girl cradled tightly in her arms.

A brief look told me the story. Baby Mazie had toppled off a chair and hit the ground face-first.
At that moment before I made any move, three thoughts flashed through my mind…
Thought Number 1: Ohh the poor baby! What pains she must be in…
Thought Number 2: What was her Mom thinking?!
Thought Number 3: What can I do to help?
I slowly advanced further into the room, only to see Mrs Bibi was crying even harder than the baby. Thought Number 2 immediately dissolved at that sight.

I coaxingly pried the baby out of her scared arms and did my best to soothe her.

Baby Mazie eventually calmed down (I am after all, the Baby Whisperer, but more on that later). Her mother and I cleaned her up and checked her for injuries. As I rocked the baby to sleep, I said a silent prayer over her, that no further harm result from the fall.

As all this was going on, I should note that Mrs Bibi didn’t stop crying. Even after Baby Mazie slept, the tears kept falling.

I had to forcefully stop her anxious unpacking and repacking of the baby’s bag and assure her that everything was going to be fine.

She looked up at me with her reddened, swollen eyes and said “Are you sure?”
Imagine that?

Mrs Bibi the actual mother, asking me, the mother in my dreams only, if I’m sure her baby was going to be okay?
What else could I reply? Of course I said yes!
What did I learn from this experience?
Being a first-time Mom can be the most scary experience in a woman’s life.
It’s a completely uncharted territory for her. And I saw that in that moment, the last thing Mrs Bibi needed from me was an accusatory look or a statement about her carelessness. So I just smiled and made a joke out of it.

Soon, she was all smiles and recounting how her life flashed before her eyes when her baby hit the floor. Then she said, “Well, I’ve overcome the paralysing fear I’ve had since childbirth of my baby falling”.

Baby Mazie was five months old at that time. Can you imagine she had lived with that paralysing fear for five months?
I knew why though. Mrs Bibi was basically on her own. Her husband was always on the go for his company, her mother-in-law hated her guts and wouldn’t bend even for her first grandchild, her mother was long dead and her siblings all lived in a different country.
Mrs Bibi often felt utterly alone, scared to death that she was doing a bad job of being a mother to her first child.
From that moment on, Bibi and I became good friends and Baby Mazie is my favourite godchild (I have so many I’ve almost lost count). I simply adore her!

I went with Bibi and the baby for a checkup that evening, and we were both so relieved when the doctor said there were no complications. Baby Mazie would be fine.

As we keep up the friendship, i notice Bibi is no longer so nervous all the time, and in turn her baby seems happier too. Not sure how that works, but there you have it!
To the first time Moms reading this, don’t worry so much. You’ve got this! Dare I say if you’re like me, you’ve got a Comforter Who is always there with you.

So. Stop. Worrying.

You and your baby will be just fine.
To everyone else who knows a first time Mom, do be kind. That woman is going through a lot! And your telling looks and snide remarks and excessive know-it-all advice is not helping one bit.

When she’s wrong or careless, gently steer her aright. But first and foremost, be her friend and confidante.

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Until next time, I remain,

 the Baby Whisperer. 


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