There is something infinitely endearing about the image of a mother and her child. It tells a story that’s centuries old, but still new and exciting at the same time.

Here in OLD, we aim to make that image an indelible one in the hearts of our loving Moms.

Clothes, diapers, formulas, birth control, pregnancy, doctors’ appointments, scary immunizations, first day of school, baby’s first step, sleepless nights, postpartum disorders, horrors of afterbirth weight loss…. You name it, we face it. Head on!

Also in OLD, a large amount of information we want to pass across will be done in the cloak of fictional stories, most of them broken down into episodes. But each story will still have a thing or two to enlighten readers on the exciting perks of our journey with our little darlingss.

Let’s do this together, it’s going to be the best ride of our lives…hqdefault